Sunday, April 24, 2011

Pulsating Diamond Maze and Maze Solution - Optical illusion Mazes by Yonatan Frimer

Pulsating Diamond Maze - Optical Illusion

Diamond pulse maze art by Yonatan Frimer
Maze of artists rendition of a pulsating diamond.
If you can't solve this maze, have a look at the pulse diamond maze solution

Top Thirteen Places to Download Diamond Pulse Maze
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  11. Diamond Pulse Maze on Red Bubble
  12. Diamond Pulse Maze on Team Of Monkeys . com
  13. Pulsating Diamond Maze on Maze Blog "Maze For You"

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awesome Optical Illusion Mazes by Yonatan Frimer

Inside the Mobius strip - Optical Illusion Maze

"Please Stop Spinning" Optical Illusion Maze
Optical Illusion Maze
Maze of a crazy optical illusion that causes the viewer to think that the circles are moving or spinning, although they don't change or move at all.
Top Twelve Places to Download The Super Swirly Optical Illusion Maze
  1. Picassa Web Maze of Spinning Super Swirl
  2. Swirly Spinning Maze on Devian Art
  3. Please stop spinning maze on Fine Art America
  4. Spin to stop maze on Flickr
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  12. Please Stop Spinning Maze on Maze BLOG

Doppler Optical Illusion Maze of an Elliptical Spiral
eliptical spiral dopler maze
Maze art of a Doppler warping elliptical spiral by Yonatan Frimer

Top Thirteen Places to Download Doppler Elliptical Maze

  1. Eliptical Maze on Devian Art
  2. Maze Eliptical Dopler on Fine Art America
  3. Maze Dopler El Eliptical on Flickr
  4. Dopler Maze on Facebook
  5. Maze Elliptical Spiral on TwitPic
  6. Dopler Maze Rossello Damiano
  7. Maze Psychedelic Nike Just Do It on Photobucket
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  10. Dopler Maze on Picassa Web
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  12. Dopler Eliptical Spiral Maze on
  13. Doppler Maze Blog

Happy Judaica Maze by Yonatan Frimer

Yonatan Frimer maze art of happy face made of jewish symbols
Maze of two Hamsas (Hand of Fatima) for the eyes, a magen david (AKA Star of David) and a menorah make the crude appearance of a smiley face. Created by Yonatan Frimer

Having problems solving the mazes, view the maze solution to happy judaica Maze, in the rare even you can't solve this maze on your own

Top Eleven Ways to Download the Happy Judaica Maze
  1. Judaica Maze Art on Facebook
  2. Happy Judaica Maze on Fine Art America
  3. Picassa Web Maze of Happy Judaica
  4. Judaica Maze Art on Devian Art
  5. Happy Jewish Maze on Flickr
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And you can get the Happy Judaica Maze at the source at Team Of Monkeys . Com

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Awesome Optical Illusion Mazes - By Yonatan Frimer

Hurts the Eyes Optical Illusion Maze

Yonatan Frimer Optical Illusion Maze
One of the most unique pattern mixtures that has since been used many times by the maze artist and his band of maze followers. The lines and patterns don't fully line up, causing the viewer to constantly re-evaluate the image thereby adding to the overall effect of the illusion. Maze elements really ads to the design.

Wont stop spinning optical illusion maze
Yonatan Frimer Optical Illusion Swirly Maze psychedelic pattern
Optical illusion maze of a very swirly pattern that exhibits charecteristics of movemenst even though it is clearly not moving.